Nabil Kasti

Nabil heads-up malting operations for Montana Craft Malt. 
With undergraduate and master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Baghdad, Iraq, and the University of Dayton, Ohio, Nabil brings his expertise in different chemical, biochemical and nuclear processes as well as vast experience in the field of malting.

During his tenure in Cargill’s malt division, he integrated processes in eight malthouses that increased production output while concurrently reducing operating costs without compromising quality. He also improved the barley steep cycle by optimizing and integrating both the drain and air rest steps simultaneously and achieved a reduction of natural gas consumption by 25% in the kilning process.

Nabil was responsible for all Anheuser Busch malt production and was recognized by them as the number one maltster for consistent, quality malt flavor among all of their malt suppliers.

During his work in the biorefining industry, he successfully designed and implemented an environmentally friendly project that resulted in zero water discharge for an ethanol production process.

In direct alignment with Montana Craft Malt’s underlying focus on both quality and environmental stewardship, Nabil is committed to the improvement of plant processes in an effort to optimize production and operation reducing costs while producing the highest quality product.

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