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Our Approach

We work directly with our customers and partners to innovate and create based on the needs of the industry. As we grow, we will also supply an expanding core of our own products. We can supply up to 10,000 tons of malt annually, with a primary focus on unique, specialty craft products offering consistent quality and approachable pricing.

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Our Products

Bavarian Line

This line of classic Bavarian style malts is produced from the heirloom German barley variety Steffi, and ours is the only malt house in the Americas with access to this highly regarded barley! Slow, cool germination brings out the robust character of this variety while maintaining high levels of malt quality and processability. The Bavarian line includes Pils, Vienna, light and dark Munich and Wheat malts, perfect for your German ales and lagers. Our Bavarian line offers ideal North American alternatives to imported malts!

Rocky Mountain Base Malts

Grown exclusively in partnership with Montana farmers and malted at our Butte facility, these base malts provide an ideal foundation upon which to build your beer. We select high-quality Synergy barley to create our British Pale Ale and High-Country Pils malts. Our British Pale is kilned to give you the classic rich malt character you expect from ale malts and makes the perfect base for all your ales, from hop bombs to Scotch ales. The High Country Pils is clean and sweet, making it a perfect choice for all your light beers.

Adjunct Malts

We offer an exclusive lineup of products sourced from regional growers to create high-quality, consistent adjunct malts perfectly suited to any beer you want to make, including wheat, rye, and oat. These malts are ideal for adding complexity to any beer style and serve as a great base for distillers, too!

Brewer's Gold

This low-color, sweet malt is the perfect addition to your next brew. We start with hulless oats and malt them using a special process to develop malts containing a high concentration of simple sugars that we then lightly toast during the kilning process. This malt is the perfect addition to your beers for a cookie-like sweetness and big mouthfeel, with minimal impact on color or attenuation. These malts are a fantastic addition when you want to add some sweet complexity with little impact on color or attenuation. We recommend our oats for your next juicy or hazy IPA!

Brewer’s Sweet

Patterned after the traditional Brühmalz, or melanoidin malts, our Brewer’s Sweet Line is unique to our portfolio. We are exploring new flavors and pushing the boundaries with these barley, wheat, rye and oat malts, which undergo a unique, high-moisture stewing process before they are kilned. This process is key to the creation of a delicious, honey-like sweetness while also developing vinous, wine-like notes and a hint of tartness, great for adding complexity to your malt-forward dark beers, or even dark sours!