Craft is our middle name.

Like you, we take pride in our work and craftsmanship. While malting is a relatively simple process, great malts are created through a biochemical dance with Mother Nature, requiring years to master and perfect.

Blending art and science, our Maltsters work directly with you to design innovative flavor profiles that create distinctive products – and happy consumers. We also offer a wide variety of our own malts to infuse your creations with outstanding flavor.

Producing up to 10,000 tons of malt annually, we focus on unique, specialty craft products with consistent quality and approachable pricing. We maintain independent batch data so Brewmasters – and their customers – know exactly where their ingredients originated.

We believe in traceability, truth, and transparency — from farm to keg, and seed to bottle.

Base Malts


For our High Country Pils, we start with select, high-quality Synergy barley and malt it slowly under cool conditions for consistent, even modification. Kilning is also taken slowly, under low air temperatures and high air flow in order to maintain maximum enzyme potential and very low color.

The resulting distinctive Pilsner malt is clean and sweet, making it a perfect choice for all your lighter beers, as well as the perfect canvas to layer flavors on for most any beer coming out of your brew house.


Notes of hay with a light honey sweetness. Slightly nutty with a pleasantly grainy complement.

Moisture < 5 %
Extract > 80.0 % FGDB
Color 1.4-2.3 SRM
Protein < 11.5 %


For our Montana British Pale Ale malt, we start with select, high-quality Synergy barley and malt it similarly to our High Country Pils; slowly, under cool conditions for consistent, even modification.

Kilning is where things really get interesting, with carefully designed temperature ramping designed to develop flavor while still maintaining a highly functional enzyme package.

If your aim is to make a British style Mild, Amber, or ESB, look no further! This is also the perfect fit for any higher color beer featuring a richer, more pronounced malt character.


Rich and malty bread character perfectly balanced with a slightly sweet, biscuity flavor.

Moisture < 5.0 %
Extract > 80.0 % FGDB
Color 2.3-32 SRM
Protein < 11.5 %

Specialty Malts


Add a new layer to your next malt-forward beer with this unique, red-hued malt brimming with rich, sweet melanoidin character. The flavor of our Garnet malt is multi-faceted, offering tangy, honey like notes, caramel richness, and a deceptive toasty character that makes for a delicious finish. 

We recommend using this malt at less than 25% of the grain bill as the flavors are pretty intense. Garnet is a great fit for malt-driven beers like Scotch Ales, Irish Reds, Alt beers and even Red IPAs. And if you want to walk on the wild side, this malt is the perfect fit for a Flanders Red.


Dark berries, raisin and plum balanced with a honey sweet, biscuit toastiness.

Moisture < 5 %
Extract 79-81 % FGDB
Color 39-41 SRM
Protein < 11.5 %


Straight from our R&D cycle to you! Straddling the world of Munich malts and Biscuit malts, our new “Graham Cracker” malt is capable of comprising a substantial part of a grist. It is chock-full of toasty, graham cracker-like sweetness and offers a rich, saturated amber color in the finished beer. 

Expansive layers of toasty, bready complexity make this the perfect backbone for beers like Alt, Dunkle, Oktoberfest, porters, stouts, and any darker, malt-forward beer.


Biscuity, toasty and sweet . . . as you’d expect a graham cracker to be!


Moisture < 5.0 %
Extract 79-82 % FGDB
Color 18-21 SRM
Protein < 11.5 %