Malt from the Heart(land)  

Montana Craft Malt is a collective of growers, scientists, maltsters, brewers, distillers, and craft beverage lovers dedicated to helping craft artisans reach their loftiest expectations for flavor and quality.

From our headquarters in Butte, Montana, we enjoy unique access to one of the world's best barley-growing regions and the state's top independent growers, enabling us to produce an extraordinarily diverse selection of classic and artisanal malts.


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Small Batch, Big Idea

From each kernel of barley to the finished pint, craftsmen know that flavorful beer finds its essence in superior ingredients.

We understand the challenges brewers face in sourcing locally grown, first-rate barley. We consider it our role to bridge the gap between producers, scientists, and brewmasters in delivering only the finest ingredients.

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We're sourcing a choice selection of Montana-grown barley to make a variety of malts for lagers, ales, and pilsners, while also offering specialty malts such as Vienna and Munich, low-color crystal malt and a range of wheat- and oat- based malts. We'll also carry a variety of unique heirloom malts, custom products for small-batch brews, and low-protein European styles of barley.

Our Malthouse

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