With more than 30 tanks, our 10,000-ton, state-of-the-art malthouse has the capacity to produce a wide range of specialty and exclusive products, as well as the flexibility to create small batches for innovative brewers, distillers and food makers. We are rapidly scaling up our production capacity in response to the needs of our customers and increasing industry demand.

While we love malt production, at our core we are a dynamic R&D facility with a dedicated staff of malting, brewing, distilling and business professionals working to push the boundaries of malt. The engine of the malthouse is our Innovation & Research Center, featuring a test kitchen and extended science center working in collaboration with Montana State University’s Malt Quality Lab. Here, craft brewers have the opportunity to learn about, sample, and experiment with a variety of malts – and take their craft to the next level.

Our facility sits in the heart of this region’s abundant barley fields, giving us direct access to Montana’s highest-quality grain.