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Brewing a Revolution

For too long, craft brewers and distillers have been denied a seat at the table in terms of sourcing quality malts, due to a supply chain controlled by corporate brewing conglomerates focused on yield, over flavor; a mechanism that has subsequently limited the true potential of craft producers.

So now we - along with our craft brewing and distilling collaborators - are stirring things up! With an engaged, personal approach focused on partnership, our mission is give craft producers more of a voice (and more choice) in the development of new products, flavors and markets. Whether a startup entrepreneur or an industry leader, our aim is to work with those who both appreciate tradition and embrace innovation.

Herein lies the freshest approach to exceptional malts.


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Malt Makers

When the sun comes up over the Big Sky, we're already hard at work: on a mission to help craft more flavorful beers and spirits.

Our people have big ideas and a bold vision to transform the craft malt business. We're curious minds and tenacious problem-solvers, intent on doing good business with good people. Steeped in skill and experience, our team shares an unapologetic ambition to create and share the world's best malts.

Jen O'Brien

Jen is a brand strategist, having experience guiding large brand names to establish and manage brand positions across technology, healthcare, and professional services industries. Previously, Jennifer spent almost ten years at Google as a leader in global sales operations and business development... See more

Nabil Kasti
Plant Director

Nabil heads-up malting operations for Montana Craft Malt. 
With undergraduate and master’s degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Baghdad, Iraq, and the University of Dayton, Ohio, Nabil brings his expertise in different chemical, biochemical and nuclear processes as well as vast experience... See more

Chris Anderson
Business Development

Chris comes to MCM from the brewing and malting world to head-up business development efforts including international distribution and strategic partnerships. He started his career as a research biologist in the Pacific Northwest where he fell in love with craft beer and the art and science... See more

Matt Drew
Sales and Marketing

Washington State native Matt Drew heads up marketing and sales for Montana Craft Malt. Prior to joining the MCM team, he produced delicious, quality malt designed for all-malt distilling as the Maltster for Bently Heritage Estate Distillery in Minden, NV. 
Matt also brings with him a deeply rooted passion... See more

Where the Magic Happens

Located in Butte, Montana Craft Malt embraces our Western heritage and a worthy tradition of drinking good beer and whiskey. From the saloons that quenched the silver mining era, to our rebellious relationship with Prohibition and an early embrace of the independent craft beverage movement, Montanans have always enjoyed a great life with a great drink.


Our state-of-the-art facility produces 10,000 tons of malt annually, with the capacity for full production scale as well as small batch trials. Spanning more than 50,000 sq ft on nine acres, we are strategically positioned between two interstate highways and a railway spur, assuring the supply chain to both our growers and customers.

With more than 30 tanks, we have the scale and flexibility to produce the small batches innovative producers desire, while assuring a consistent and ready supply of staple products. And our forward-thinking spirit is built right into our facility in our Innovation and Resource Center, which, in conjunction with the Montana State University Barley and Malt Quality Lab, serves as a precision test kitchen for customers and collaborators to work with us to coax new malt flavors from premium quality grain.




Why Montana?


Take a drive on any of Montana's scenic highways and, before long, you're going to rumble across a set of railroad tracks. At stops from Butte to Baker, towering grain elevators loom above small towns and rambling cities. These stately structures tell the story of Montana's history as the world's foremost producer of barley and wheat. 

Today, Montana maintains its heritage as one of the best climates on the planet for growing barley. Montana sees minimal crop disease, and benefits from the pristine aquifers that find their sources in the Rocky Mountains. OUr producers are employing sophisticated techniques — with help from experts from Montana State University's Barley Breeding Program — to innovate and expand their farming operations.

And what does all that mean for the beer enthusiast? Our engaged brewer network is pushing the proverbial pint forward in offering some of the most nuanced and refreshing beers you'll find anywhere.