Great Expectations

by Jen O'Brien
October 12, 2020

ith the rise of high-speed Internet, flexible workstyles and ubiquitous air travel, more people have discovered over recent years what we already know: Life out here in the Mountain West is pretty great. Bend, Bozeman and beyond have blurred the lines between active outdoor recreation and work. Even our most rural businesses now attract a world of customers.

And as newcomers and visitors stream in from Seattle, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco, they bring high expectations for drinking and dining. In fact, many of these workers, young families, students, adventurers and occasional residents come from some of the world’s greatest beer cultures. The birthplaces of brands like Red Hook, Bridgeport, 10 Barrell and Anchor. These folks are accustomed to top-shelf food and beverage experiences forged in hyper-competitive markets – places where passable eateries and lackluster breweries die a swift death; only the better survive.

With populations shifting and workplace models upended, new consumers are up for grabs. For brewers in the mountain west, it’s a golden opportunity to reintroduce ourselves. But the pressure is on.

To satisfy and attract a discerning beer and spirits audience, we’re challenged to stand out with reliable, high-quality products. Every single visit. That takes partners who understand the value of consistency and precision in malting.

As we all know, malt is the not-so-secret ingredient for creating delicious, distinctive beers and spirits. And the key to great malt is super high-quality barley, which makes the malting process more uniform, predictable and controllable. The Golden Triangle region of Montana is renowned for producing consistently superior grain, under the watchful eye of some of the best barley growers in the world. From the day the seed hitsthe dirt to the day it flavors your beverage, the lifecycle of Montana-born malt is managed with exceptional care and focus. Nothing is taken for granted.

Of course, there are so many barley varieties to choose from, how do you know which one will result in the malt flavor and color you’re going for? One size definitely does NOT fit all. That’s why it’s important to work with partners who understand your vision and can help bring out the interesting character and novel flavors that build an exceptional brand. We look closely at which barley is best suited to a specific malt type in order to impart the flavor and color characteristics you’ve intended for your craft
beverage. And with a substantial malt operation (a 10,000-ton malthouse!), we can assure quality at scale, for greater consistency in your process and malt supply.

As craft beverage lovers and craft malt makers, we’re committed to working with local brewers and distillers, co-creating outstanding products and brands that register with a wave of discriminating consumers from near and far. Our expert maltsters are happy to share knowledge, experience and insight, helping you create beverages that just feel special. Every time. So let’s not just give them a beer. Let’s remind them why they came.

Because it’s better out here.

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