Not Another Doom-and-Gloom COVID-19 Post

by Jen O'Brien
April 6, 2020

o our growers and brewing and distilling friends and partners-

This isn’t yet another doom-and-gloom COVID-19 post, the likes of which you have undoubtedly come to anticipate in your daily newsfeeds.
That said, this was not the post we expected to write for our website’s blog debut.

I’m sure though, that to say none of our lives are currently what we’d expected or hoped for is an understatement, to say the least.

There’s no factoid or statistic I can write that you haven’t likely already heard repeatedly, and it would be pointless to talk about the impact COVID-19 continues to have on absolutely everyone, absolutely everywhere.

So I won’t.

Instead, I want to take this space and time to look at things from a different angle and focus instead on community, support, and friendship.

In the face of so many difficult decisions we’ve all been forced to make over the course of these past weeks, it’s become apparent that Montana’s communities value what our brewers and distillers offer as a means by which they can better weather the storm of these trying times.

Even better, is watching how our collective efforts have positively impacted our communities by providing much-needed cleaning and sanitizing products.

Your efforts have continuously proven that what we do reaches so far beyond just making beer or spirits, and that we truly are absolutely crucial members of our collective communities, contributing to their ongoing health and happiness.

For a company proudly built to showcase all that Montana has to offer in terms of agriculture and craft beverages, we have never been prouder to be a part of this community.

However, we’re seeing more and more every day just how much this epidemic is negatively impacting so many businesses all over the country, and all over the world.
And as proud members of this community, we want to make sure we’re heard when we say that we are committed to doing anything within our means to help ensure that every brewery and distillery comes out the other side of this able to re-open its doors and get back to work.

To that end, while you are undoubtedly already aware of financial support available to you from the government, you’ll find a link below to the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

Beyond that, I encourage you to reach out and let me know how we can help keep work flowing in your facilities. We understand that everyone’s businesses and needs are different, and that there are no “one-size-fits-all” solutions, so if there is a solution that we can offer you, I’d love to talk about it.

Our number one goal is to help our Montana brewers and distillers succeed and grow, but understanding that the idea of growth seems out of reach at the moment, let’s focus everything right now on how to keep our community whole.

Matt Drew
Director of Marketing and Sales

If your business has been impacted by COVID-19, click HERE to be redirected to the SBA website for a list of various resources available to you, including the Federal CARES Act.

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